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Reach Potential.com.au is Home to THE SIRAMARTI PERSONAL GROWTH PROCESS℠  This personal development education offers the most effective spiritually orientated self growth techniques currently available. Our publications offer quick, easy-to-use brain change processes that provide deep relief from daily stress at work or home.

We also offer retreats, client memberships, and consultations for individualised help.



  • Do you have a genuine desire TAKE CONTROL of your life at work?
  • Would you like fully proven EFFECTIVE BRAIN REPROGRAMMING VISUALIZATIONS to create the changes you want?
  • Could you use caring PERSONAL SUPPORT to reach your TRUE SELF'S POTENTIAL?

In 2017 we are developing GOOD WORK BOOK WEBINARS to offer personal assistance to support users of The Good Work Book. These webinars are for those who would really love to have work they love, and want to learn inner skills to make that happen. We want you to succeed: the world needs you!

Contact us to go on our mailing list for the webinar schedule.

For details of this critically acclaimed book click on the image below.  See Reviews here.