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There are three levels of Membership available:  Silver, Gold, and Soul Creavity membership for those advanced students using the material for professional creative purposes. An outline of each level's work can be seen by clicking on the subscription button below. Further details can be provided by individual facilitators with no obligation attached. Facilitators can also help ensure you use the material to best effect.

  1. If you are new to the Siramarti Personal Growth Process, you will need to take out a 6-month Silver membership in order to integrate the foundation techniques before Gold material can be accessed. 
  2. Loyalty and Family memberships are only available for members who have studied for a minimum of 3 years or who are recommended by a licensed facilitator because they are long-term students.
  3. Soul creativity membership is by invitation only.
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Online or personal coaching
Via email, phone or Skype with one of our accredited Associates. Fees are set by each indivdual coach. This way of working with Siramarti material is suited to overseas students or those who enjoy distance learning. A waiting list sometimes applies. Contact your chosen facilitator from the links.
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