Siramarti Associates and Friends
Associates are persons who have been fully trained as professional coaches and teachers of the Siramarti process over a minimum of three years.  Friends are those who have used the Siramarti material to enhance their professional excellence. Some are registered as facilitators of the basic material.
Suzie St George
Mobile: 0409 132 986
Suzie is co-author of the Siramarti Process and co-ordinator of training workshops and programs. She offers daily online mentoring to support those needing assistance with their work, parenting, relationships or creative enterprises, as well as those wanting to make significant inner change to their feelings states.  She also offers face-to-face consultations in Melbourne (Beaumaris) and Central Victoria (Daylesford). She is co-author of The Good Work Book: How to enjoy your job & make it spiritually fulfilling ( as well as publications in the Reach Potential Store.
Fiona McDougall 
Mobile: 0425 752 183
IICTCertified fiona
Fiona is co-author of the Siramarti Process and a certified counsellor who specialises in readings to support the personal and professional well-being. She also supplies exclusive guidance for Reach Potential members and co-facilitates Siramarti workshops for more information go to t or about our company. She is co-author of The Good Work Book: How to enjoy your job & make it spiritually fulfilling ( as well as publications in the Reach Potential Store.
Jane Robotham
Mobile: 0412 999 882
Jane works from the Victorian seaside town of Anglesea. Jane is the official Reach Potential presenter for large audiences. She also coaches individuals new to Siramarti via personal consultations, and in self-transformation and wellness workshops for nurses, busy mothers and women seeking personal growth. She is a registered nurse and an accredited Wellness Coach. Jane runs occasional retreats for people wanting to rejuvenate and also learn some tools to maintain their wellness. Her blog can be accessed from her website:
Accredited Practitioners and Registered Facilitators
Practitioners listed below are recommended as advanced practitioners of the Siramarti Process. Their work can be guaranteed to utilise both high professional competence and precise intuitive insight. Those with an asterisk are registered as facilitators of publicly available Reach Potential material.
Shirley Lovell
Suite 9/ 11 Howe St Daylesford 3460 
and 11 Stortford Ave Ivanhoe 3079
Mobile: 0429 481 817
Shirley is a homeopath and naturopath with 30 years' experience. She combines her experience and knowledge with both intuition and the skills of the Siramarti Process. Her work is particularly supportive for self-transformation changes.
Transpersonal counselling
Jan Wild
Mobile: 0409 213 448
Jan works from her home in Mallacoota, Victoria, and offers online consultations (or face-to-face consultations in Mallacoota).
Jan blends her love of Australian Bush Flower Essences with her transpersonal counselling skills and her intuition. Jan also utilises both Reiki healing and the skills of the Siramarti Process as appropriate. Jan’s spiritual toolbox allows her to assist her clients in problem analysis and resolution.

Life balance healing and coaching
Rachael McLeod *
Mobile: 0415 288 438
Websites: See below
Rachael loves helping people find their potential and bring their life into balance.  Her ability to work with people on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level offers her clients a diverse array of skills. Rachael currently works as a Reflexologist, Reiki therapist and Energy Healer.  She is also passionate about horses and loves to include Equine Therapy into her work to facilitate healing.  Each of her sessions are tailored to what each individual needs but usually include many energetic healing principles.  Rachael also has her own website and blog helping people find their own balance.  She has a treatment room in Lyonville near Trentham and works from Innisfree Whole Health & Repair in Woodend.

For appointments 0415 288 438 or