Workshops and events

We offer Siramarti workshops to assist you through the joys and adventures of the years 2010 - 2020. Here you will learn our life-transforming strategies, and exclusive-to-us energetic techniques to create the world you want for yourself and those you care about. Please note that if you and a group of friends or colleagues wish to arrange an introductory workshop to Siramarti techniques, we are very happy to discuss alternative venues convenient to you.
Below you will find the schedule for Siramarti events currently planned for 2016. Please note the code in the calendar as follows:
REGULAR MONTHLY WORKSHOPS are designated by the letter G
G1: Location  Beaumaris        No vacancies
G2: Location  Beaumaris        2 vacancies
G3: Location  Daylesford       2  vacancies Contact     
G4: Location  Geelong region For current vacancies contact
SPECIAL EVENTS are designated S.
Click on dates to obtain more details on each event.
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