Holding the hand of the higher self


 This technique is valuable for those who wish to establish a closer connection to their spiritual guidance. Although the higher self is often envisaged as a light, it is more effective if it is sensed as a real and solid being, This visualization should be practised slowly, giving you plenty of time to feel and sense your higher self energy as a substantial being.





Find a quiet, warm place where you will be uninterrupted. Close your eyes and get comfortable.


Imagine you are standing in a very beautiful place: a private, soul space. Use your senses. Feel your feet, feel the air, enjoy the surroundings as you take your time to enjoy the beauty.


Imagine just over there is a sacred place, a place of relief and comfort: the place of your higher self. It beckons to you, calling you over.


Walk over and enter your sacred space. Imagine it fully by using your feeling senses.


Sit yourself down and get comfortable. Close your mental eyes and rest in this healing place. Absorb the healing energies.


Now feel the presence of a dear loving friend beside you. You put out your hand and grab hold of theirs. It’s a strong, warm, supportive, capable hand. This is the hand of a dear cherished friend, the hand of your higher self.


Imagine the warm energy of this hand you hold moving up your arm and into your heart filling you with comfort.


Take some time to explore your sensing of the higher self. If you want, open your mental eyes and see or imagine this loving, comforting presence beside you.


Rest and enjoy its company for this experience will assist you to know you have connected with your higher sense at other times.