Why the world is so slow to change for the better



The world we are in now is one in which the frequencies of love are stronger than they have ever been. You may be surprised at this considering the amount of drama and pain around, and wonder why, if love is so strong, this is happening. Why, in the face of so many reasons to change, do people not do obvious things to make their  lives easier and safer?

The answer rests in two sources: The first is that love energy, among other things, promotes growth. Unfortunately humanity has a long history of choosing to grow only when things get really tough. You may know of a crisis in your own life that turned out to be 'the best thing that ever happened to you' because it opened you to spiritual truths. You get the benefit but at a cost.  The Siramarti material is a means of growing without the need for crisis or cost, but we have found that many people resist even the idea of an easy path to evolution because there is also an old general belief that where there is no pain, there can be no gain. While it is true that effort is required to change your consciousness and therefore improve your life, it does not, in the new era we live in,  have to be painful.

However, the deeper reason that people do not test easier roads to growth (whether that is a personal growth program or the wise suggestion of a friend) is due to the influence of the negative ego. The negative ego is that part of you that is dedicated to self-destructive impulses. It manifests itself in an arrogant resistance to new possibilities, "I’ve never tried that path but it’d bound to be no good and anyhow what I do now is just fine”  and in victimhood, “I can never have more well being in my life because my partner (cultural background, gender, education, boss, partner, government) doesn’t support my desires.”  The negative ego is there whenever you give your power away, and it feeds on unexamined fears that prevent you taking charge. Those who want to retain power for themselves know this and use the fears to manipulate people into not examining what is truly so.

The negative ego is also used as a protection when a person does not have the power to make herself feel safe in the face of a challenge to the status quo. It exerts a big No to every new possibility for self-empowerment. When a fear of doing something different occurs, look for ways to make that change simple and safe so the ego has no evidence for its veto.

However, the negative ego is incredibly sneaky too. It will leave you unmotivated around any attempt to dislodge its power.  It took me a full year to decide to study negative ego information when I first heard of it, and you can be sure that if I ran a workshop with that title would have zero takers!  For this reason, take yourself by the ears every time give yourself an excuse - time, money and obligations to others - are the common ones - for not doing something that you know will benefit you.  The negative ego hates love and will do everything it can to deflect you from more of it, so it is up to you to learn to foil this inner devil's malicious intentions.