How to use the Heart Conscious Living guide



Heart Conscious Living is a gift from us at Reach Potential, but it is also a gift from Spirit to help you navigate these times of grand human and planetary transition. Each month we offer information that is provided, or guided by, our own transformation guides to maximise your experience of that month by using the particular type of universal, earthly and/or human energy that is available. 


Whether or not you are a Reach Potential Member, that message or messages in the guide that is relevant to you is determined by your own higher self’s understanding of what you happen to need in the moment.


So to you find your own special gift each month, you might like to try the following strategy:


  • Find a time when you can read your copy of Heart Conscious Living uninterrupted.
  • Place your hand over your heart, close your eyes, and invite your higher self to be with you as you read it.
  • As you read, notice which words, phrases or suggestions draw your attention.
  • Then find a way to act on the message even if it is only a small or symbolic step. This way your higher self and soul can lead you forward.


The guidance is multi-dimensional and your perception of its significance will change as the month unfolds. So go back and read it again, when the month is fully underway. And, of course, enjoy!