How does Siramarti work differ from personal growth work that focuses on changing behaviour?

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At base, all living things are constellations of energy that move in and out of manifested form. This energy expresses itself as cells, body structures, thoughts, feelings, behaviours and, of course, your tangible creations.

When you wish to change a reality, the most effective way to do it is to work with the energy that is about to come into manifestation, rather than the tangible expression;  for example, it is far easier to prevent a disease through changing the emotional stress that supports it rather curing a disease that has manifested in the body. Energy is highly malleable. Matter is not.

Behaviour is a manifested expression of the way that your brain is responding to external events. When behaviour is stressed, inappropriate or dysfunctional, it is a sign that your neural pathways are aligning themselves with fear responses or ego or past emotional wounds. When behaviour is optimal, your neural pathways are carrying the energies of, for example, trust, confidence, compassion, emotional and mental maturity etc. These we will broadly describe as forms of "love" energy for they promote well being and the ability to evolve and grow.

In the old world, much attention has been focused on 'training' a person out of behaviour that is unacceptable or destructive. By repeatedly reinforcing 'good' or 'positive' behaviour (or punishing unacceptable behaviour), it is assumed that the individual will function better.

However there is a profound problem with this approach because this training is not necessarily truly accepted by the whole self of the individual. For example, you can try to be pleasant and kind to your partner's jealous mother because mentally that is what you would like to be, but in fact your intention is unconsciously affected the emotional patterns of resentment, anger, control etc that are held in your unconscious energy field.  The 'nice' behaviour is a superficial and the effect is that your partner's mother knows it! In this case you are not carrying the energies of love, you are manipulating the situation into getting rewards for apparently healthy behaviour e.g. reducing her dislike of your power over her offspring.

It follows from this explanation, that personal growth work that does not incorporate the whole person: mind, heart, will and body in energetic change, is fragile. And this is what makes Siramarti so powerful. Siramarti is a process that engages your higher wisdom and translates its yearning for greater wellbeing into the whole personality. Once a person truly chooses to live with and take responsiblity for cultivating the energies of love within their deep consciousness, mediated through the brain, then their deep issues of fear, ego and pain are resolved.

The effectiveness of the person who carries love is enormously heightened. We all know how much more easily we trust a health professional who truly cares for our wellbeing (loves us) compared with the one who uses fear tactics to make us change to 'better health practices'  (pretends to love us). The first person carries love, the second may be carrying anxiety around their own effectiveness or doubt about their methods, and possibly anger because those they are trying to help are not doing what is  'right', and so on.

In the New World, those who carry love will conquer. These are the ones whose radiance will lead the way to the true progress of humankind. And the more love they carry, the grander is their potential to create life the way it can truly be.