Your CREATIVE PERSONALITY style: How to make life more easy and successful by balancing your brain

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Success in any life project, however large or small, depends on cooperation between the dreamy visions of the right brain hemisphere and the can-do powers of the left-brain. The reason that we see so many less-than-successful attempts to create a better life is that the vast majority of individuals have personalities that make unbalanced or inappropriate use of the different functions of the two hemispheres of the brain.

One of the reasons why the Siramarti Personal Growth Process brain rewiring techniques are so effective is that, whenever you use a Siramarti technique, the two hemispheres of the brain are supported in working together more smoothly and effectively until this cooperation becomes natural.

This occurs because, through the use of appropriate visualizations, new neural pathways are steadily developed or strengthened so that a person can move freely between vision and viable action in any project they undertake.

The following information describes why this capacity for balance is necessary.

People with a right brain creative tendency enjoy mental activities that employ imagination, original thinking, ‘way-out’ insights, mental abstraction and practices that lift them out of the body. This kind of thinking is associated with the consciousness of the upper chakras. We refer to such people as Skywalkers. Sky types have the power to dream big dreams.

Those with a left-brain preference enjoy activities that relate to others and those that build in a tangible way the social structures that offer safety, harmony and peace. We call these Earthdwellers. Earth people take a small, manageable dream and do the stuff to make it happen in the real world by tried and true methods. They are comfortable working within the limitations set by other people’s responses and for this reason often choose jobs in human welfare areas where face-to-face interaction is key to the service.

The problems associated with imbalance are always evident: Right brain people often have ivory tower ideas that are unrealistic, and Earth types plod on with old, often inefficient or outdated methods that no longer work but do so because they feel safe that they will have group support.

In relationships, when individuals are unbalanced the heart of the matter is usually forgotten in trying to argue their respective points of view: Skywalkers are infuriated by a lack of expansive vision in their Earth friends, partners and colleagues. Earth partners are seen as wet blankets and pessimists. Earth types, however, are upset by the lack of consistent, practical action in Sky colleagues or partners so that tangible outcomes never eventuate. The more that a person can balance, the easier relationships become because the ‘other’ point of view begins to make sense and effective negotiation becomes possible.

While brain reprogramming is the quickest way to develop creative balance, it is also essential that people take the time to develop real time skills associated with the opposite polarity: Skywalkers need to develop relationship competencies (emotional intelligence), while Earthdwellers should learn to release their fear of expressing their real feelings directly, strike out on activities they can enjoy without the need for validation from others, and hardest of all, let go of trying to control other people’s responses.

As you might imagine, balanced individuals are the ones that will create the new and better world of the twenty-first century where their visions for a happier, safer, more beautiful and sustainable world will be supported by the ability to take those practical actions needed to make it happen.

Our 2016 publication: The Good Work Book: How to enjoy your job & make it spiritually fulfilling (Suzie St George & Fiona McDougall) is a useful introduction to those techniques that apply to improving work situations.


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