I've done a lot of personal growth work. Is it worth doing Siramarti?


The Siramarti material shows you how to clear limitations so that you can gradually open to the Real You: the person who has the power to real-ise their deepest potential and dreams for themselves in every aspect of life. This is different from most personal growth systems that specialise in one or two aspects of the self.

The vast majority of people, even those with considerable education and experience in self-growth,  do not open fully to their human and spiritual potential because the processes they use do not address the whole self: for example, they clear  emotional issues, or promote mental or physical strength but do not put a person in touch with the core (soul) Self and its unique powers. Spiritually orientated individuals often lack a sense of having the degree of influence they would like in creating a new and better world, and some do not support their physical bodies as a "temple of the soul."

This style of work - in which your spirituality is integrated into every aspect of your personality, your physical body,  and daily responses - is the form of personal growth that is creating a new kind of consciousness for humanity.  It is the heart consciousness that will build a New Earth. For this reason Sirmarti is a must for those who want to make a lasting difference to their own lives and the planet.

If your current spiritual or personal transformation methods do directly not embody your core powers in making your daily decisions, then Siramarti will add value add in that way, and in most cases round out and balance the work you already do.  Siramarti can stand alone or complement your favourite practices. All our students, and we mean all without any bending of the truth,  find that it is the "missing link" in their  self-growth education. For many it marks the beginning of a sense of being reborn as the kind of person they thought they could never be.