What's the difference between Silver and Gold Membership?


Silver membership provides mini courses in developing self-awareness,  and provides extra techniques and visualizations for expanding your inner peace, not offered in the basic Inner Peace Series PDF. It also introduces ways to differentiate between the energy associated with mental, emotional or bodily sources of difficulty. Visualizations at this level are soothing and simple to apply. They prime the brain for the more complex techniques of Gold level. The aim of Silver level is to establish a foundation for more or less continuous relaxation.

Gold membership offers in-depth material on  Having the life you really want: such as relationship harmony, better communication, good decision-making, manifestation of success, life directions, soul purposes and handiling life transition. (At March 2012 the Gold material is not sequenced.)

Gold  material strengthens and prepares you for making any New World project that you are engaged in successful. It does this by helping you develop  creative balance, soul channelling and information on specific topics that affect creative self-expression (soul projects) such as money consciousness, parenting, facilitating personal growth.This level of work is supplied through our sister site http://soulcreativity.net