How can I make MY JOB  more spiritually meaningful?


From time to time people who are concerned about the state of the world or tired of a job that seems meaningless, ask us if they should become professional healers. Here is part of a spiritual reading we sent to a recent inquiry.

     "When a person decides that they wish to contribute to life from a more spiritual perspective, they often assume that they must engage in jobs that  employ healing tools: things like teaching meditation, or reiki or natural therapy modalities. Some individuals have a particular capacity for those jobs because they have a soul family and soul history for connecting to such knowledge. They have a natural sense of the deep knowledge behind these arenas of knowledge, and often show an interest in them from an early age. In short, they have a soul gift for such work.

     However, a  person who wishes to assist in healing the world does not have work in the healing field as such. Instead they can learn how to radiate the power and the resonance of their own particular soul strengths into the difficulties the world is experiencing. You, in your strength and power, are already spiritually effective. In your particular case, you have a tremendous soul gift for connecting and communicating with the outer world, and the world is immensely in need of spiritually infused connection and communication.

     You also know how to be successful -- and this too is something the world needs right now. If you were to give up your current occupation you would most likely feel vulnerable and frustrated. 

     Your sense of frustration will be relieved if you learn how to let go of the emotional discomforts of your current situation, and learn how to gather more authority. If you decide to do this using Siramarti education, your current working life will gain much more power and also gather more meaning for you and be healing for others."