FAQ: Can RP services assist with PHYSICAL PROBLEMS


Absolutely. In the vast majority of cases physical ill-health begins with conscious and unconscious emotional blockages, or mental denial and rigidity. Even accidents have a basis in stress. In the chaos of a changing world you will see much ill health arising because of the individual's inability to adjust emotionally to change. Emotional savvy is essential to maintain and regain health.


Of course, it is true that viruses, bacteria, genetic and environmental factors permit the development of different kinds of sickness, but those that do not succumb to these invasions are people whose life energy is high and flows freely. In the New World that is unfolding, people will begin to realise that physical healing will not be easily achieved without emotional and mental clearing alongside appropriate physical assistance.



Some basic, gentle Reach Potential work will show you how to clear the emotional energy that is currently blocking the body's capacity to heal itself. This will increase the flow of physical nourishment, improve circulation, clear toxicity and adjust hormonal imbalances. The processes are effective in preventative and anti-aging regimen as well.  We also find them to be useful for women who have difficulty conceiving. Siramarti techniques are  perfectly suited to support whole of self-recovery. We recommend the visualization, Releasing fear of change in Silver visualizations (subscribers only) as a means of clearing unconscious discomforts.

We can also suggest which types of physical therapies might best suit your particular body and its current condition. Contrary to popular understanding, the way you heal and the methods that are best for you are not necessarily the same as for other individuals. Apply to Fiona for a general reading through Contact Us.