Does Reach Potential work with ASCENSION CONSCIOUSNESS?


The short answer to this is absolutely yes. 

Reach Potential processes fall under the categories of self-growth variously named Ascension consciousness, Christ consciousness, or soul integration. However, we do not subscribe to the idea that there is one date in which some individuals on Earth will "ascend" to a new form of being or leave the planet.

Rather we believe that the next decades will see many, though not all, individuals opening themselves to the possibility of evolving their consciousness so that a new kind of humanity can be born. We believe that these individuals, aware and in charge of their lives, will be the pioneers of a new ways of being on this planet. They, in the full flowering of their uniqueness, will perceive and create a new Earth. Those that choose not to do this will find the transition to a new Earth very uncomfortable, but this does not mean to say they are lesser than those who do. Each soul has its own purpose in being here.

Our experience is that if you wish to develop this level of enlightened awareness along with the personal fulfillment that follows, every aspect of the self must be included and must be used in a balanced way. Meditation or conscious work alone, such as you might do with a coach, counsellor, or spiritual leader is insufficient (sorry about that!). This is because the new human being who lives in Ascended consciousness will be fully in charge of their lives. They will not be relying on others or be "lifted to Heaven". Rather they will know how to bring Heaven to Earth through the integration of spiritual connection into their moment-by-moment life in the Now. Personality will be infused with soul wisdom. 

Our model shows you how to expand each aspect of your consciousness (mental, emotional, body and higher self as well as Earth and Sky) to align with the soul or Grander self.  It does not matter whether a particular aspect of consciousness is something you have difficulty with or not. The material allow you to expand your awareness so you can fully integrate the higher frequencies of your soul, higher self and spirit into everyday life and the choices you make for your life mentally, emotionally and physically. 


As the heart chakra is the centre of personal balance, the whole of self balancing that results from this education ensures that you genuinely are soul-connected (that is, fully empowered) through the heart to your personal goals and dreams. Your capacity to channel love is much enhanced.mThis work takes place in cocreation with the energy of the planet.  In this way, those who use the material are ultimately capable of bringing their own "Heaven to Earth." They are strong enough to make a significant impact on the state of the world they live in.