Tell me more about Siramarti visualizations


Siramarti visualization processes are based on the life-transforming "brain-change" principles that are now thoroughly documented by science.* They help you to become the enlightened person you would wish to be as you handle the everyday physical, mental or emotional issues that confront you. The visualizations are best described as the scaffolding that allows you to build a new House of Self from the ground up.

The techniques also have a mysterious and deeper power in that they have the ability to link you to your own unique life energy (or soul) at many levels. It is this spiritual capacity that makes them different from visualization techniques that connect only with the subconscious mind. They bring spiritual insight when you need it and provide emotional release from stress quickly. They help you to work around practical obstacles in a step by step way. For those who want more authority in life, they help to show you where your leadership strengths may lie and how to strengthen your self confidence. In short, they move as you move.

But more important, the changes they bring gradually become a natural part of the way you respond. They integrate into your personality. They are not a band-aid or quick fix but permit you to embody and express your soul's wisdom continuously. Therefore, over time they create a new serene and balanced You who holds a steady optimism for life that manifests increasingly positive realities.

Here is a description from a 2010 Silver level student on how they are used each day:

"I have generally focused (in my RP work) on moving towards my new spiritual direction with work and a creating a new job somewhere downstream in the future. So for most days my focus revolves around moving through (spiritual obstacles such as) procrastination,  fear of change and (on) living life with a balance of work and play and fun with the family.

Otherwise I just do what I think is appropriate on each day given whatever comes up. I usually just give things a go and see what happens!

I have noticed very definite changes the next day and the issues dissolves very quickly after the visualisations. "

*We recommend Norman Doidge's book, The brain that changes itself, or Evolve your brain by Joe Dispenza   if you are a person who likes to explore the evidence for the kind of brain change miracles techniques similar to our own  can provide,