CREDIBILITY: Does the Reach Potential brain-changing program really work?


The Siramarti program works because it is designed in accordance with sound scientifically based methods of brain-change (* See footnote) for releasing personal limitations. From an esoteric perspective they access and utiise your own core dynamics, soul or life energy. So, for example, you might use a brain technique to reduce smoking but this technique has to have the capacity to adjust to your own unique energetics or its effectiveness will gradually dissipate. All our techniques have this capacity and therefore the power to create permanent and easy change.

Testimonials in What others say, illustrate Sirmarti effectiveness for various individuals and situations. But the question is: is it likely to work for you

The answer to this very valid question is broken into four parts:

  1. Is the material comprehensive enough for any self-development concern I might have right now?
  2. Am I, as an individual, suited to this program?
  3. Is there assistance if I can't work the program for myself?
  4. Has the program got the degree of depth I need?

Comprehensiveness of the material

Most personal development programs are biased towards the motivational (mental), the psycho-therapeutic (emotional), bodily health, or the spiritual/metaphysical aspects of growth.

Some actively reject the notion that you need to develop all aspects of your consciousness if you are to achieve the degree of inner peace and external success you want. For us, this position is like saying that you can run your four-cylinder car just as smoothly on three cylinders. Therefore the Siramarti approach integrates these four approaches.  It addresses whole-of-self needs as you require them to be met. If you have studied other personal growth modalities, you will find principles you are already aware of incorporated into the program. But the processes will provide the missing links in your education, and offer self-discovery at a level not possible with less comprehensive programs. Individuals who use it report greater self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love, inner serenity, expanded meaning and purpose in life, better relationships, improved health in those areas that they are most interested in Check menu item, What people say, for the various experiences others have had,

Individual suitability 

Sirmarti material is designed to naturally adjust to your unique needs and changing interests in the moment. It provides a process that is "you-centred." You work with your particular needs briefly on a daily basis.

The reason the benefits are assured is because the techniques reprogram the unique way your particular brain works so that your body cooperates naturally with your intention. No more struggle to embed new habits of thought and feeling! These techniques, exclusive to us, are unique, subtle, but exceptionally powerful tools.


You will notice whole-of-self transformation only you stick at 5 to15 minutes of practice each day. You need to see this as a training program similar to learning to play a musical instrument. You would not expect to be able to play a concerto on the first day you took piano lessons! Your consciousness is like a musical instrument.  Like a professional musician or elite athlete, you will experience effort, periods of apparent stagnation and joyful leaps forward as your uncover and develop your power. It is not necessary to go to into great depth to achieve immediate relief from discomfort but if you truly want to transform your life you will need  daily commitment. You are changing your neural pathways and this takes time.

We find that those students who find this work miraculous fall into one or more of the following categories: 

  1. They have reached a stage of life where they want to change something in themselves that really bugs them. They have "hit the wall" and have chosen to stop looking for reasons outside themselves.
  2. They have a life project, purpose, or relationship they feel deeply about, and have recognised their inner limitations might be its own worst enemy.
  3. They are passionate to know 'everything' about conscious human evolution or spiritual consciousness and are open to a new adventure, even though they already know much.


Personal guidance

It is hard to learn anything without recourse to a coach from time to time. That is why we try to make this program "fail safe" by offering a Community forum. guidance readings, and mentoring. If you don't like writing or using the computer, you can of course choose personal consultation by Skype or if you are able to, come to a workshop.

Program depth

Everyone comes to self-growth programs with a different level of past experience and education. We discovered that no matter what a person's background they do need to learn our basic techniques and "language" to mentally integrate what they already know with what this program offers. Therefore our courses have three levels of depth: Silver for basic techniques for inner peace (4 - 6 months) which is the platform upon which all expansion depends; Gold for strengthening the personality powers (mental, emotional, physical and higher self) to create dynamic balance (6 - 12 months) ; and our advanced information on creativity for those who have creative projects in the world they want to see prosper.

Footnote * For an excellent reference on brain change technology, see Norman Doidge's The Brain that changes itself.