Becoming self-empowered in a new world of the twenty first century: the Siramarti perspective

We are living in a transition world. We are moving from one paradigm of consciousness  to another in which, among other things, humanity will look to greater balance in the way we live our lives, how work with each other, and how we treat the planet. We are about to embark on a remaking of ourselves and our world.There are many manifestations of this change around us as people question how we do things and debate what might be a better way.  And there are many dramatic and often unpleasant signs of the disruption caused by planetary and personal imbalance such as illness, relationship breakdowns, addictions and so on.




This we already know only too well, and in communities everywhere steps are  being taken to make positive changes. Rather than allowing change to take us unawares, humanity is asking how can we consciously take charge of it so that we do not lose our balance and our sense of direction. We are creating a New Earth.




The core of real change depends not on systems, regulations, inspirational talk or even great leaders (though these are essential) but on each person having the capacity to develop the awareness, truth and emotional power that allows them to take responsibility for the world they create for themselves. But as you know only too well, habitual negativity is hard to clear by good intention or even self-discipline. You need methods that are relatively effortless and definitely permanent. You need new brain capacities!




This is really what Siramarti offers a transition world: it offers the brain reprogramming visualizations* for spiritual and material self-empowerment that allow you to handle the stresses of change easily and to chart the way to become the person you wish to be and create the world you wish to live in.




So what are the "symptoms" of  the self-empowerment we speak of?




Self-empowerment from our point of view refers to a state of being so aligned with the whole of the self that you feel completely in charge of life in whatever ways you desire for most of the time - and no matter what is happening "out there." It is characterised by feeling and being ...


  1. Energetically centred
  2. Relaxed and emotionally calm
  3. Self-aware
  4. Spiritually connected 
  5. Grounded and purposeful
  6. Optimistic 
  7. Fear-less
  8. Authentic


  • And able to move forward easily in the direction you want ....




To this we add that, in the new consciousness, it will also mean that from this self-empowered inner peace you are able to lovingly influence the environment to obtain what you want for the whole of your world. Stress-free parents, lovers, workers, bosses and leaders who know how to maintain inner balance and the peace that goes with it, are the makers of the New World.