About Online Mentoring


A note from Suzie St George, co-author of the Siramarti Personal Growth Process

Thank you for your interest in mentoring online with me.  I like to explain to people interested in mentoring exactly what mentoring is about, what you can expect from it and what I need from you so that you get the best from it.

Please read the following information slowly several times over and send me about any concerns you might have at suzie@reachpotential.com.au. It will save lots of time if you know what to expect from the start.  It is also important for you to know that I only take a limited number of online clients so there may be a short waiting period before I can accept your application.

Best wishes

Suzie St George


The aim of Siramarti mentoring

The Siramarti techniques are amazingly effective tools to help a person to get where she or he wants to go in life, whether that destination is as small and short term as becoming comfortable with cooking or as large and long term as wanting to run an international company. The goal can be as intimate and specific as learning to get on better with your partner or as broad as wanting to make a positive impression on people you will never meet through getting them to buy your product. The issue can be internal (e.g., too much stress, confusion about direction) or external (e.g., how to cope with a change in circumstances or other people.)

Siramarti techniques work with transforming the basic cause of any limitation, which is the way a person's brain negative pathways interfere with achieving any goal. The transformation turns chronic anxiety or other negativities into a serene and balanced response to difficulty, which in turn leads to more effective actions and far greater self-confidence. (If you have not worked with me or Fiona before, we suggest you purchase the e-booklet (Ref PG1), How to stay calm in a changing world, from the Store and commit to practising one or two. Make a note of how you are feeling at the start of using them and compare your feelings a month later.)

Whatever the final outcome you want, you only get there by working difficulties in the immediate and present situation. You take the first step on the journey to the endpoint right now ... but this first step needs to happens every day! Online mentoring makes this commitment to yourself easier because you are able to receive my support  and guidance whenever you need it. And the requirements usually only take 15 minutes each day you use the mentoring. It is a service highly valued by people who are time-poor or who cannot travel to meet me in person.

Our job at Reach Potential is to help each student to make each step towards your chosen goal as effective and easy as possible. I show you what you might need to do to be successful in your given area of interest, and which of the Siramarti techniques is most useful in the moment. Ultimately I aim to show you how to choose the techniques yourself without any direct help from us. Or at least very little!

What I ask you to do to set up the arrangements

1. You need access to the visualizations you will be using. Take out a Silver Membership subscription for 6 months in the first instance from www.reachpotential.com.au. ($100 AUD) If you choose to go on longer than 6 months, you will be eligible for an annual Loyalty membership at a heavily discounted rate. If you are unsure about whether you want to go on for so long, purchase the first set of  visualizatons from the Store, Ref. PG1.

2. I ask you to present your information by email in the following way:

Describe what main topic you first wish to explore. E.g., my stress.

Write a brief record of your day as shown the example below.

Make a note of the day where your (stress) showed up.

Indicate how you handled it e.g. Phoned in sick.

Sample log: My financial situation

Thursday 21st

Events: Frustrated and angry I couldn’t sell my shares at the price I hoped for. I feel trapped with this share trading I seem to have this fear of losing money, not sure where that comes from. I looked through the visualizations and found one on dissolving fear called the Jell-O wall I shall practise that.

Self-reflection: I am scared of losing money. I don’t know where the fear comes from.

Personal strength: Can’t see one
 today. Maybe the fact I even looked for an answer to the panic!

What I’d like to change: My entire stress around share trading

Visualization: Jell-O wall

Effect next day: Woke feeling calmer and more energised. I don't have quite the same dread as I did about looking at my portfolio.

In reply to your report, I shall what you might do to handle that particular stress issue a different way, or I might pick up something you haven’t noticed and suggest you do that first. E.g., I might realize from what you say that the stress is based in anger or physical fatigue, and I will point this out before giving you my suggestion.

You will then carry out my suggestion and report on the result. And so on it goes ... until you are satisfied! Most people do not require more than three months to achieve their primary goal and in that time they learn to use tools that they can then use for any other situation that needs to be changed for the better.

Other matters including fees

I normally respond within 24 hours unless it is a Thursday when I am always fully booked with face-to-face clients. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A REPLY in a reasonable period, text me on 0409 132 986. Something will have gone wrong in the communication system.

Honest responses are critical to the value of mentoring. If you don’t think something is working, I need that feedback to make adjustments.

You will be invoiced for your mentoring in advance. ($125AUD at January 2017) When you no longer wish to be mentored you will respond to the notification for payment by informing the sender that you don’t wish to continue. There is no long-term contracts beyond the month. There are, however, NO REFUNDS for unused service.

Occasionally I will ask you to call me rather than send an email. This occurs when the information I wish to give you is too complex for email delivery. You too can ask for a telephone call prior to deciding if you wish to do mentoring.

I sometimes ask mentored clients to call me after I receive their first report so I can get a rounded picture of the situation. Overseas clients may request to use Skype but normally I do not use that vehicle.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may still have.

I look forward to helping you to begin a journey that will prove the most effective and inexpensive personal growth investment you can ever make.