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What others say


We asked some of our students to send us examples of their successes for the previous 12 months. The lists were a delight, but far too long to publish. This showcase gives examples only of the many different types of success achieved.

DB: For the first time in my life I have self-esteem. And that changes my outlook on everything. How I feel, how I relate, how I think. I don’t think I am bullet proof, but I do have the inner ability and the external help to deal with anything. Great feeling. Smiley!
LY: Having an Open Garden; finally accepting myself as good enough; healing a sibling relationship which had been damaged for 25 years Successfully juggling many 'hats' with great time management skills and trust in the guidance of the processes (with just a tad of martyr!) Oops!
ER: This year we relocated to our very first own home. While geographically only 4km south, spiritually the move was a lot further. This change has brought great joy in the simple pleasures of day-to day living; from watching day break as I meditate out French doors, to observing the wood ducks as I walk to the train station … I’m celebrating a sea change for my soul.
SC: I was having trouble with friends– often feeling overwhelmed after catching up with them in groups. I felt guilty if I said no to parties. Now I feel a lot more comfortable saying no if I’m not up to something. I say I prefer to catch-up one-on-one. None of my friends mind, and find the honesty refreshing.
JR: In my job as a team leader I now feel I am ‘allowed’ to be in charge and able to ask for what I think necessary/ stand my ground/keep boundaries/not get involved in others tasks/responsibilities. The anxiety I used to feel through my body is gone or rarely noticed meaning I can react, think more productively. Gaining more trust in my intuition and much fitter.
KD: Being someone who followed rules devotedly, I thought stern mental focus and brushing aside my fears would reward me with happiness and success. The formula was: Pushing myself + following universally agreed upon steps to success = happiness. In reality, the old formula led to fear + fatigue + loss of connection with self = anxiety. It is a delightful mystery how I transformed into the fluid whole-self space that I am in now, though I know my Siramarti work to be the core instigator. The transformation began with a giant leap of faith in quitting my job which I did it for my whole-self wellbeing, and it was certainly the right decision.

RD:  My goal for 2013 was to release a record, and to step out into the wider world with my creative endeavors. This expansion meant working with many people along the way; developing an audience, communicating with them, bringing in other creators and facilitators. It’s this aspect of my achievement that I am most proud of as it’s led to a strong sense of self-trust and a greater awareness of my core strengths.  I’ve learnt is to trust in decisions and to pursue opportunities which feel good or develop with ease. These were the ones that led to success at a pace that was comfortable. 
MC:  Plenty of time for creative projects; lots of invitations to play music; writing for the first time in years; being offered the perfect car to buy; my social life has expanded ridiculously well as I overcame a social phobia; beginning to see exercise as fun; overcoming heartache and getting my house organized.

BE: Less drama, more pleasure, selling poems and stories.
CA. I resolved a home situation rather than running away, and it seemed to open the way for my dream home to come to me.

AD. Creating a cosy, warm home for my daughter despite many many difficulties.
And for some other independent responses ....

Lisa F: Entrepreneur

(Independent consultant for Arbonne International)


The effects the Siramarti Process - Inner Peace Series has had on me has been quite extraordinary. I did not think at the beginning of this process that it could change my life as much as it has.

I initially began the inner peace series for work-related reasons but I have gotten much more from it, my life in general has improved on all levels.

I have definitely become a more positive person about life and the curve balls it can throw at you. I have learnt to turn negative situations into positive ones.  I don't become as stressed/worried about what might or might not happen. I have a lot more calmness and clarity in my life.

I don't worry as much about what people think of me, I suppose I have accepted myself for who I am and realise you can’t control other people’s thoughts, and that it is more a problem they have within themselves.

I know exactly what I want in life now -  I know where I am going. I will now be able do this staying focused and calm.

I believe in this process 100% and would highly recommend it.  A huge thank you to my facilitator, Jane Robotham. Without your guidance, support and knowledge I wouldn't be where I am today.


Mark B, Project Manager
Interviewer: What is the main benefit you have experienced through the Inner Peace course?
I’ve achieved calmness and clarity in life – I know where I am, where I’m going
It’s helped self-acceptance enormously
I’ve shaken off the shackles of past conditioning


Steven C, Librarian

The mentoring process is remarkable. It is like a whole-self scaffolding that allows you to build in strategies for managing your daily life. I look forward to emailing Suzie with my difficulties and insights. The feedback provided is extremely accurate and leads to increasing self-reliance. You learn how to create and apply your own solution to a presenting problem by understanding how to utilise the visualisations effectively.

This program is not about getting ‘fixed’ but rather learning how to harness and channel love energy, because this is essentially what heals. As I continue to clear fear, disentangle from others and move into greater whole-self alignment I am approaching my goal of becoming a ‘lighthouse’ – a person who chooses to be at peace with self and thus transforms the world.

I thank Suzie and Fiona from the bottom of my heart for showing me the way.


Jullie S, Accounts manager

I was told about RP by a friend at the same time that I had given up on doing anymore Personal Development programs because I was getting in debt and still couldn’t get a handle on my deep sadness. As I see it now it was a stroke of luck that Suzie and Fiona agreed to come and do a workshop in our area. I went along reluctantly but I trusted my friend’s recommendation. What I have learnt since is how destructive my negative ego was being and I believed everything it was telling me…. ‘I can’t do that’, ‘I can’t have that’, ‘I didn’t do it right’ etc etc. It was the best decision I made to have online mentoring with Suzie, in just under 3 months I stopped longing and started creating, my sadness has completely gone, I have more energy, in control of my emotions and negative ego and my life, calmer, more self loving and fulfilled and I have created full time work which I love and a loan to pay off my debt. I am so thankful to the RP material, my life is back on track I feel truly happy and blessed.


Linda K, Counsellor

What I really like about this process is that it's wholistic - that is, it includes all the different aspects of the Self.  That allows it to be grounded, real, and lasting.  I like its structure and clarity, and the fact that it involves a daily practice of writing a log and doing some visuals.  This doesn't take a lot of time, but it helps to keep you focussed on the changes you want to make.   The self-reflection you do as you go along helps your awareness to grow.  I am doing the process via the net and the email mentoring - I really value the communication and Suzie's perspective and suggestions.   I am really enjoying the whole process, and I am seeing changes in myself after 4 months - more and more able to let go of some very old and recalcitrant patterns.  Feels great!

At work, I've had such positive feedback about the quality of my energy.  Personally, I feel an outpouring of Love, like a channelling of the light.  I feel more and more trusting of the path of Spirit. I wanted to let you know, and thank you and Fiona's guidance for it.  Blessings to you.


Amanda D, Actor

Working with this program helped me transform limitations in my perceptions of WHO I WAS and WHAT I COULD DO in life slowly and realistically. Now I am not afraid of either the great changes which are occurring in my life or the quantity of energy and creativity within me. Reach Potential has given me the tools and the support to harness it. It is not a prescriptive program (which I couldn’t bear!) but a system that responds to my own uniqueness. When I look out at the beauty and crises in the world there is so much to celebrate and so much to be done. And so much more to discover within myself. This program has helped me truly step up to the plate.


Brian L, Investor
Thoughts on what I've learned so far: Life's about living feeling good about all your stuff-ups, about knowing that every stuff-up is just as important as every great perfect thing you do. Why? It's the doing that counts as that is what makes you feel alive, important, and have inner peace. Still learning about this inner peace - at this stage I know it includes meaningful self-respect - and the respect of others which follows self-respect. I think true inner peace is about loving yourself and what you are right now---being blissfully happy by being in control of your life.


Peter M, Paramedic

This material has changed my perspective. I’m more relaxed. I don’t get so caught up in the dramas of life. It develops wisdom – the essence of things as opposed to ‘knowledge.’


Jane K, Environmental consultant

Now I realise that I have been making room in myself … to inform each moment with joy, peace, clarity and most of all love. I am working with my body to help it remove the blocks to carrying larger and larger amounts of joy. I am working with my mental self to be present to the moment. I am releasing the emotions to flow through the present and carry the energy of life and love into all that I do. Thank you for so great a gift.