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Your CREATIVE PERSONALITY style: How to make life more easy and successful by balancing your brain

 Copyright 2007 Spiritual Metamorphosis

3rd edition 2012

Success in any life project, however large or small, depends on cooperation between the dreamy visions of the right brain hemisphere and the “can do” powers of the left brain.  The reason that we see so many less-than-successful attempts to create a better life is that the vast majority of individuals have, at this point in the evolution of humanity, a creative personality that makes unbalanced or inappropriate use of the different functions of the two hemispheres of the brain.

One of the reasons why the Siramarti Process is so effective is that, whenever you use a Siramarti technique, the two hemispheres of the brain work together more smoothly and effectively.

The following information describes why this is so.

People with a right brain creative tendency enjoy mental activities that employ imagination, original thinking, “way-out” insights, mental abstraction and practices that lift them out of the body. This kind of consciousness is channeled through the upper chakras.  We refer to such people as “Skywalkers.”  Sky types have the power to dream big dreams.

Those with a left brain/ lower chakra preference enjoy activities that relate to others and those that build in a tangible way the social structures that offer safety, harmony and peace.  We call these “Earthdwellers.”  Earth people take a small, manageable dream and do the stuff to make it happen in the real world by tried and true methods.

The effect of imbalance in individuals is obvious: Sky people often have ivory tower ideas that are unrealistic, and Earth types who plod on with old methods that no longer work but that feel safe because they have group support. Conflict between the two types is common because Skywalkers are infuriated by a lack of vision in their Earth friends and colleagues, while Earth types are upset by the lack of consistent, practical action in Sky types.

In relationships too, when individuals are unbalanced, the heart of the matter is usually forgotten.

This is another reason why the Siramarti process is powerful. Because the heart chakra is the chakra that balances both upper and lower chakra consciousness, those who learn creative balance inevitably find they increasingly respond from “the heart”: that part that loves truth, beauty, compassion and, surprisingly enough, effective action.

As you might imagine, balanced individuals are the ones that will create the new and better world of the twenty-first century.

Creative balance

A key principle upon which Siramarti education is based is the concept of self-empowerment through achieving balanced creative consciousness so that the negative aspect of each polarity is minimized while its positive aspect is given full rein.

If you plan to delve more deeply into the Siramarti material, it helps to know from the beginning what type you are. This is not necessarily obvious because you will likely to identify with aspects of both Earth and Sky characteristics in certain situations. This is hardly surprising since we all employ both sides of the brain in thinking!

The following notes will assist you to get a mental grasp of whether or not you tend towards the Sky or Earth end of the creative spectrum.

Sky perspective

Positive aspect

People who tend to view life and its challenges through a right-brain perspective are often referred to as “creative” because they enjoy discovering new information and creating original perspectives. They are researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists of all kinds, and mystics and visionaries. This perspective has personality implications.

The right-brained sky outlook in its positive, elevated form is expansive, freedom loving, adventurous and trusting of universal abundance. Anything is possible and energy is abundant. Images and possibilities rush mind. When we are in Sky mode, we are dreamers who fly above the terrain of ordinary life in search of future knowledge, future powers. The Sky in us glories in space and time travel, and when drawn down from the other worlds, we yearn to see life as theatre where we may strut the stage as kings, queens, heroes and movie stars, bejeweled and admired.

The positive Sky speaks with authority and pithy accuracy when it operates out of higher knowledge accessed through the upper chakras. It knows what is true and what is not.  Skywalkers do not like mincing their words when they see something is amiss.

Skywalkers can also have a sense of divine wonder beyond words and knows the celestial music of the spheres. It is out of this consciousness that great leaps in human knowledge and understanding are made. When you lift into the Sky aspect of self, you find sources of divine inspiration.

Negative Sky aspect

On the other hand in its negative, lower frequency aspect, a typical Skywalker can be confused, overwhelmed and fragmented as one idea follows too quickly on the heels of another. There is too much energy to contain.

In its extreme form, too many projects are accepted, then abandoned or never satisfactorily completed. A rosy but unrealistic glow surrounds new ideas, but such ideas can be delusional fantasy rather than genuine potentials.

Alternatively in an attempt to anchor bigger truth to earth realities, a Sky person may fix upon a mental construct with a rigid obsessiveness that nullifies its inherent value.  Sky types are inclined to adopt dogmas that they adhere to without looking at the coalface reality.

In addition, Sky relationship skills are weaker than its Earth partner so it can appear aloof and unrelated. Or it may be arrogant in its certainty that it has greater access to higher truths. In this state, Sky can be so brutally honest it alienates: the truth of its message is lost because of lack of empathy for the receiver.

It can also become so frustrated and enraged at its lack of power that it resorts to attack or withdraws from connection altogether.  Underlying the apparent arrogance is a sense of victimhood and anxiety about being able to communicate effectively. Commitment is a major problem because Skywalkers have difficulties with the emotional demands that close relationships bring.

Earth perspective

Positive aspect

Left-brain orientated individuals are seen as the workers in life, putting more value on doing rather than dreaming. For this reason they are regarded as less ‘creative.’

In fact this is not so. Earth creative style works creatively with human and earthly limitation to find new ways to work with what already exists. When you are in Earth perspective you are manifesting through flexible “can do” action. (Naturally even those who prefer a Sky perspective to dealing with daily reality will find that in some areas of life where they are most interested they will be quite Earth.)

The Earth perspective in its positive aspect is less spectacular than Sky. The Earth perspective has a strong human component. The relationship aspect of choices and decisions is highly valued. Earth thinking takes account of others, and its heart rests in what will create an abundant sense of physical comfort and wellbeing for all those it cares for.

Earth perspective may lack originality and keep low to the ground, but there is an immense comfort in knowing that its practicality will feed the body and provide the warmth needed for life in the here and now. The left brain with its boundaries, its step-by-step thinking, and its categorizing has the great advantage of transforming the energy of dreams into tidy reality even if the dreams seem more mundane. Earth is concerned with present and long-term security, practicality and the distribution of effort to take account of limitations of time, space and resources. The Earth perspective is contained rather than expansive. It creates containers into which vast universal energy can flow, be held and harnessed.

Negative Earth aspect

Unfortunately when Earth turns sour she becomes narrow-minded, nitpicking, pessimistic and burdened. The practicality becomes a wet blanket and the concern for others is a form of bullying control rather than an expression of love.

Earth attitudes tend to martyrhood, and in this it can become self-righteously supportive of dysfunctional relationships. Earth love is profound but it is weakened by unexamined sentimentality about traditional understandings of family and other relationships.

The greatest problem for people in their negative Earth consciousness is that they refuse to recognize that the love they wish to give others is empty unless they themselves are self-caring, ** relaxed, trusting and emotionally truthful with themselves.