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Why creative balance is essential for successfully manifesting life dreams 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Copyright 2005 Spiritual Metamorphois                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Author: Suzie St George


Pre-requisite reading: Your creative personality style: how to make life more easy and successful by balancing your brain


A dream for the self is an inner picture of what would make you feel and be happy. As there are many arenas of life where happiness is to be found, so you need many dreams.


In order to bring a life dream into existence, a person must incorporate in a balanced way the intelligence and experiential wisdom that is held in all aspects of the whole self: the mental, emotional, physical and higher self aspects. You must be able to think, feel and behave in ways consistent with the dream.


The concept of whole-self balance in creating something you want in your life is rarely mentioned in metaphysical, psychological or motivational literature. And there is a reason for this omission:  until now, the importance of balance was recognised, but there was no way of achieving it easily. Even the most overtly successful people often suffer because their happiness is undermined by imbalance in some or many aspects of their lives.


Creative personality imbalance is the norm for the vast majority of people. Some people are good at imagining what they want and "receiving" it, others good at working with practical action that involves working around human problems to achieve their goals. We need both dreaming and doing to create our dreams.


To the degree that your imagination or your power to act is limited, so too will your life dreams be restricted.


Here the problem of the effects of unbalanced creativity is described in tangible terms.




Sky types come to grief with their dreams because, although they have strong intuitive and abstract mental capacities, their relationship skills and ability to support the whole balance of their lives though contained steps are weak.


Let me give an example based on a real life case.

A physically active Skywalker wished to enjoy the freedom he believed would arise if he became self-employed in the house cleaning business.


From a mental perspective this appealed to him because he had learned that the demand for house cleaners is growing and he could command a good income. In this case, he has a fairly common Skywalker characteristic: he is good at working with organisation and systems. He knew he would not be daunted by the physical work that would be necessary until he could afford to employ his own cleaning staff. All these reasons and motivations seemed sensible and acceptable from a mental perspective.

He developed a business plan and discovered he had to take certain practical actions to comply with legal and financial requirements, borrow some money, find and train his employees. There were many practical actions he needed to take but, he was not concerned because he is a good organiser and accepted mentally the need to take them.

All went well in that the Skywalker mental capacity and (in this case) the physical self were supporting success.

However, unbeknown to him, the would-be house-cleaning tycoon has a number of hidden fears and emotional limitations.

Emotionally he is impatient with people and he soon found finicky house owners very exhausting and irritating. He handles conflict badly, and when it inevitably occurs he usually decides that the customer is wrong and blames their personal attitudes. He then loses his temper and loses customers, or he withdraws so that no one can reach him by phone or email!


The effect of his discomfort is also reflected in how he uses money. He tends, like many of his Sky friends, to be a spendthrift and finds holding to budgets irritating. He believes money management is unnecessary because money energy is abundant. Spending money makes him feel better about the emotional discomforts.

It does not take much imagination to see what trouble his business got into. His emotional incapacities do not align with the nature of the work he had to do with people.


He became more and more obsessed by his problems and, in this anxiety, could never relax or stop thinking about his business. His family began to suffer, but he was quite unaware of that.

What was worse is that this guy was not choosing his business because his greatest creative potential lay in that direction. His higher self had not been consulted (despite the fact that he regards himself as a New Age thinker)  because he did not want to learn that he is emotionally unsuited to this choice. He kept up a mental mantra that “house-cleaning brings in good money.”  In fact, his higher self knew that he would be much happier and richer investing in his joy as a golfer, and in using his creative capacity to design a better golf buggy: which, after much angst, he finally did.


In the case of an Earthdweller house-cleaner (who will have an emotional desire to keep everyone happy) the reasons for failure to expand the business would be different.


An Earthdweller likes to be of service, but will physically and emotionally exhaust herself trying to keep all customers and staff, however unreasonable, happy. She often has martyr tendencies.


Such a person will avoid mentally accepting the objective fact that some people are never satisfied. Instead the Earth house cleaner will take all complaints personally and try even harder. She will not set boundaries and will feel guilt if she does.


It is true that the business will lumber on owing to persistence and self-control but it will never be a joy. Spiritual intuition will be hard to come by and the joy of unique self expression that the higher self wants for her will elude him. She will not give up the work because of fear of losing what security she has and possibly because some of her clients are elderly people who seem to rely upon her.




As you can guess, these examples of failure through creative imbalance are a common reality. Dreams turn to nightmares and life happiness eludes us simply because we do not address the issue of our own imbalances by owning and then resolving them.


  • In general, Skywalkers need to become emotionally more aware and improve their relationship skills through letting go of fear of others. This requires left brain expansion.


  • Earthdwellers’ projects are much more inspiring when they give up their need for social approval and instead explore their right brain insights and allow themselves to invest in their self-expressive talents. This requires right brain development, and a trust in letting go of control that the left brain uses.