The personal development method which members of this site practise is referred to as the SIRAMARTI ™ self-transformation process.

We call it a transformation process because when people wish to “transform” themselves it is because they sense they have inherent limitations that prevent them achieving what they want, either for themselves or for their dreams for a wider world. 

For Soul Creativity members to heal or fix problems is not enough. (They have often done lots of that!) Their deeper yearning is to be someone greater, someone who is stronger, wiser, more loving, more peaceful, and more effective in their creativity. Such people love life and they wish to be transformed to become the founders of new paradigms for living life on this planet, no matter what their profession or special interests.

The time has come when humanity is ready for  such transformers.  A New Earth is being born and, along with it, a new kind of human consciousness: a  Heart consciousness radiating from balanced people, free of fear, self-doubt and negative ego and imbued with the love and wisdom of their soul's creative talents and knowledge.

SIRAMARTI ™ is a comprehensive and fully tested process that grows the brain’s capacity* to connect to, balance and utilise the love energy of the Soul for transformation.  Once you have fully opened to your own unique Soul energy, you can channel its love through the Heart to allow for fear-free, balanced and loving responses to all of life’s challenges. Your special talents will have impact and respect.

SIRAMARTI processes gradually unfold a strong sense of the Real Self that rests below the dramas of personality. Therefore the creative projects that a Siramarti practitioner undertakes are imbued with unique power and excellence.

Although the training process is guided by each individual's own interests and choices, it can be generally said that students move through five stages of increasing self-empowerment.

The process is divided into three stages, Gold, Silver and Platinum, the first two of which are offered on our sister web site:

Here you learn the foundation skills that support soul creativity but are also essential for daily life happiness.

Silver level

  • Developing the capacity to maintain inner peace no matter what drama or pressure is around you;
  • The expansion of self-awareness leading to the ability to clear inner blockages and imbalances that currently limit happiness, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Gold level

  • The expansion of relationship skills to ensure harmonious heart-connected interaction;
  • The strengthening of each aspect of the self, mental, emotional, body and higher self to support more balanced and effective daily choices and immediate decisions. It is this strengthening process that leads to the empowering of creative talents.

Platinum level

  • The capacity to "soul channel" (See associated article for description of this power) leading to an increase in spiritual connection to your creative life purposes and the practical capacity to carry them out with ease and grace;
  • The application of the new powers to special self-expressive (soul creative) projects that can then reach a level of power and excellence that is not possible without them.

Siramati consciousness training techniques use:

  1. Simple daily exercises to expand your awareness of where a hidden limitation or power lies.
  2. Targeted creative visualizations to dissolve all kinds of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual limitations as they arise. (While meditation improves the general capacity of an individual to maintain their centre, Siramarti visualizations target areas of the brain where specific limitations rest.)
  3. Processes that balance all aspects of your intelligence in problem-solving so that you can be sure you are making choices that move you forward.
  4. Techniques to strengthen your immediate connection to your soul’s inner wisdom where you have all the answers.
  5. Methods to assist you to identify and fully utilise your unique strengths in your life's chosen purposes.

We support you every step of the way and in as many ways as we reasonably can. You only have to be committed to making real change through short but regular practice.

*   Footnotes: Check Norman Doidge's best selling book, The brain that changes itself, for an overview of the research into brain change methods, or Joe Dispenza's, Evolve your brain, for information on the science behind this paradigm