Using the spiritual guidance in our blog to best effect

For those people who do not have the opportunity to connect with us regularly, we supply a regular blog/newsletter.  The information supplied in newsletters is relevant to the world in general but may not be what you are experiencing. This is particularly true when the dramas of the unfolding world seem to be at odds with what our guides indicate in the blog. We wish to clarify why this occurs.

Our guides' specialty is in assisting those who are interested in evolving their consciousness to the level that they can manifest the qualities and passions of their souls in a New World. Our material delivered in courses, workshops, readings and mentoring assist people  interested in soul evolution to make that crafting  of the journey to the new world as smooth, calm and elegant as possible. Because we live within the context of larger processes, the Reach Potential Diaries blog/newsletter makes reference to the planetary energies that are predominant each month and that affect those interested in the evolution of their consciousness to align it with the new world. The information does not predict, and does not intend to deal directly with, the physical and external manifestations of change. It is designed  to help you work with your inner self in the context of disruptive planetary transformation.

The suggestions our guides and we make each month are provided as general guidelines only to keep your own journey as comfortable as possible within the particular month's mental, emotional, and occasionally, higher self energies. They are made practical if supplemented by the visualizations on the Reach Potential site for core work, and on the Soul Creativity site for advanced players. If you are new to this site, we recommend that you consider joining the core Silver level course on Reach Potential.