How fear of limitation is dissolved in Siramarti transformation

The following is a discussion with soul guides on the topic outlined. It is an example of soul channeling such as students of the SIRAMARTI will employ for their own areas of interest. Note: Reference is made to 'earth' and 'sky' attitudes in this discussion: earth refers to an individual's left brain orientation and lower chakra concerns, sky refers to right brain orientation and upper chakra powers.

Could you please discuss fear as it relates to the processes of Siramarti in more detail?

There are two kinds of fear. Fear which is of value, and fear which is not - the latter kind is what we call illusory fear. Fear is illusory when it creates a barrier to progress. It is natural to humanity that you should want to survive physically, and the reason you created fear early in your journey was to help you survive. So therefore you have wise fears. But it equally true that you want to evolve. Fear that holds you back from evolution and holds you in survival mode alone - when this is not essential or is no longer relevant - is illusory.

Evolution is always in the direction of more love. So suppose that you want something in your life that will give you a greater sense of well being, or you are given the opportunity for something that will provide you with more love, any attitude that stops you moving towards that greater well being is based in fear.

You may believe that you have insufficient money or that someone will object to your having what you want, or that it is selfish to have what you want when others do not - all these are fears of limitation and scarcity or fears that you do not deserve to have these things. It is the fear that stops you "going for it."

But isn't it true that there are limitations? I mean, isn't that what this is what human life all about? So how does earth knowledge limitations of time, energy and especially resources fit into a sky knowledge of abundance.

In essence the whole of your reality is an illusion, so theoretically you could make up all the time, energy and resources all of humanity needs, simply by creating a different illusion. However, as humanity, you have chosen to deal specifically with limitation. You have created limitation in order to evolve - so limitation is a tool for you to know more about love, about what love can do, about how strong is love. You have chosen limitation as a means of testing the power of your creative love which is the love of God/Goddess. You have tried many ways of overcoming limitation - putting more love to God through religious and spiritual practices, through loving others more, and recently through loving yourselves more in your attempts to learn about your own reasons for having limitation in your life. And, of course, in fighting for what you need in a limited world.

There is a next step in dealing with limitation. It is the step of using the limitations which you have built into your brains (programmed limitation) in such a way that they become advantageous to the whole of you, rather than a cause of struggle and strife.

The work of releasing fear in the Siramarti process is not so much to release the fear associated with wounds to consciousness (as in your earlier healing) but to release - through dissolution and cooperative synergy of consciousness - the fears inherent in each aspect of consciousness, namely, your Sky fear of power and your Earth fear of loss, your Sky fear of containment and your Earth fear of letting go of containment. There is much power in containment - and there is much freedom in letting go of containment that no longer serves you. Learning when to apply which dissolves fear and increases the power of manifestation.

By practicing how your Earth and Sky can assist one another an individual learns that these fears are unnecessary: it gives the person the understanding that these fears are no longer essential to the being, and the visualizations which we provide dissolve the programmed aspect of these fears so that the brain lets go of its default mechanisms to keep these fears in place. This dissolution of the deep programmed DNA wiring is what we offer you - it is our service to your humanity, among others specific to you as unique individuals. You, as humanity, have chosen to let go of the tight hold that limitation has had on you - it is your free will and we come in answer to that, to be the mechanics to put in place a new instrument, a new form of humanity.

Once these fears are dissolved and the physiology is operating in such a way as to integrate the new beliefs about the potential of the self , then it is a relatively easy matter for you to go about what needs to be done at a human level. You will find it easy to take the actions required to empower yourself more in skills and in gathering those resources you need. You will find yourself trusting that you will receive such benefits through manifestation and receiving.

However, this power will also be contained by your greater love for others which arises as your self-value increases so that such limited resources as you use will be used for the greater good of all - you will as it were be investing a part of yourself in humanity and in the renewal of the planet.