The mystery of soul relationships

The following article is an example of soul channeling which is one of the ultimate goals of advanced Siramarti process as explored on the Soul Creativity site. It is also of relevance to those who wish to extend their spiritual development to working with others. We reproduce it here for its interest in that regard as well as for the content for discussion.  The channeller was Suzie St George.

Our topic today is the fascinating and vast subject of soul relationships. Many of you may already know something about this subject. But it is generally true that the information you have so far received but skims the surface of all that you might learn.

Let us put it this way; Imagine that all of that energy which is human soul – not just that of the individual – but all human soul consciousness is searching for ways to take shape and become more of itself. Imagine that your individual soul is working its way through this soup of energy to find a place where it might best grow. Your soul needs to find its special place in all the other soul energy in order for you to become more fully yourself.

Suppose that you have now found this “place” – it is a place bounded by other soul energies, those which have the capacity to best expand your own soul in its search for your highest potential. These points of contact you call soul relationships and they include all contacts that have significance for your growth, whether they be long or short-lived.

The touching point creates a spark of energy to ignite the souls of each to create something entirely new. The soul energies of both join to create a separate synergistic “package” that is neither one nor the other. It is like the conception of a child. Neither parent is identical to the child. This conception energy then provides an entirely new environment to which each soul must adapt, expand and grow. This environment is what you call “relationship.” It is also a bridge through which the two (or more) energies can connect. However the synergy is mysterious, meaning that it is unknown and new. Just as a child is mysterious and unknown to the parent. So in soul relationships, it is not as if you are getting to know or renew an old acquaintance as many of you think soul relationships are. No, in each lifetime this bridge of relationship, the environment, is new; if it were not you would not find the connection interesting. You would quickly remember how it used to be, and that would lead to stagnation and decay.

However, imagine too that this bridge of relationship has pillars that support it. These pillars are the past experiences you may have had. They may feel very firm so that as you walk this bridge you feel safe and secure that the bridge will not fall down. When you are feeling this, you are remembering the love that was built, however, great or small, in earlier lifetimes. This is why soul relationships are often characterised by a sense of secure well being and trustworthiness

You do not have to over-concern yourself with past lives, however. The power of a current relationship is not dependent on past power. A relationship may be immensely powerful even if you have not a great deal of past life interaction. It is true that a difficult or positive past life will leave impressions that make the current situation more or less easy and, therefore, it is useful to clear discordant karma. But past history does not guarantee a relationship.

It is more expanding to explore the mystery of the relationship you have in front of you. Although it is true that you will need to work with creating a healthy and strong connection in order to explore this mystery, it is not useful to reduce your contribution to a soul relationship to learning a series of skills in communication, intimacy and such like. These are necessary, even essential, but it is more valuable to the soul aspect of relationship if you use these things to explore the mystery.

What do we mean by exploring mystery? As you are well aware, when you have a soul bonding with someone, whether that be with a sexual partner, a child or a friend, it has a quality about it that cannot be described. It is a pleasure you cannot fathom. It is this mystery that holds the greatest power and lifts you higher because it holds the key to a knowing of love that is beyond the ways of love you consciously know. It is an energy of potential.

Unfortunately in your current reality people do not expand this mystery but depend on it. You use it to shore up the bridge. You use it to “get through” difficulties and “hang in there.” However we would say that mystery is the environment or bridge itself, it is not its support. If you forget to honour the mystery, then you forget the soulful aspect of relationship. Your relationship becomes a convenience to allow you to get through the daily business of living.

So how do you go about this exploration? First we would say that it occurs by your being able to hold yourself open to the other person. This will begin by learning not to hold judgments of yourself. But then you will need to learn how to continually release your negative judgments or expectations of the other person. Do not set limits on them or yourself by holding judgment. Remember when you first met someone you really liked? Were they not wonderful? Of course. Because you did not have negative judgments about them. You only saw and found that which was new and stimulating. Who are the parents most surprised and delighted by their children’s growth? Those who are open to their becoming anything at all!

This capacity to release an attitude of judgment is not easy because over time you get to know patterns of behaviour and response in the other. Your mind will become set. You will also find that they trigger your negativities and so on. And you will set up expectations that bind. These are signs that you need to work on your own self-love and self value, your negative ego and so on.

But you also need to actively break the patterns of operating together so that you have this chance to find each other new again.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to find times together where you can have the relaxation and time to talk and do things spontaneously. Many of you believe that you can sustain relationship without relaxation times. Let us tell you, you cannot. Nothing is more important to any relationship than relaxation time because in such moments you can expand into that synergy of soul that is the meeting point between your souls.

But equally you need time to be apart so that you can have your own experiences so that when you return to your soul relationship you are truly not the person you were when you left. There is a tendency for people to hoard the experiences of being apart – to say this is my life and it is different from my partner’s or my child’s and I will keep this entirely to myself. This is true of course, that often the experiences are not of interest or relevance to the other. And it is a choice to share or not. But when your partner or child or friend returns from a journey away, even for a day, then this is the time to keep yourself open to the understanding that this day has made them new – and new for you.

It is not necessary to do this in a conscious fashion – to identify how they are different. Simply know that they are, and be open to have these changes show themselves to you in some way – energetically or more tangibly.

What will be the effects of this? Well we will say to you that you may at first respond with fear. You will feel the person to be different and you will wonder if they are moving away from you, or if they are in a bad temper or happy for some reason which does not include you. Your may feel excluded. You may want to cling to them or to withdraw.

In doing this, you will say, in order to make yourself secure and unconscious: “They are just the same as they were before.” You will limit your awareness in order to keep them as they were. However, if you disentangle from the need of any part of yourself (including your negative ego) for them to remain as they were, then you will be able to see them new again. And this newness will revive your sense of the wonder for that soul, and their change will seem delightful and dynamic. You will be giving them, and yourself, permission to change wholeheartedly. This is a lesson if learned can be of miraculous benefit to all.