Guide to understanding success

It sounds so obvious that it is almost embarrassing to state it: whatever you actively choose to do in life you want it to be successful.

Success is often equated with the ability to manifest. However, it is possible to manifest without actually imbuing manifestations with the energy, the resonance, of success. If this happens, your outward success, the tangible achievements, will feel disappointing, hollow or meaningless. You may even feel guilty to have the “stuff” of success without a sense of it So what is the essence of success?

The experience of success is unique to each individual. And because this is so, the specific things that will give you joy are related to the special nature of your own soul. However, most people take very little time out to think about what “success” really means to them, and what it is that creates it for them personally. Instead they rely on social or family notions of success as being the ability to have or attain certain things such as achieving excellence, money, status, social acknowledgement, a relationship, or possessions. When they do not get that one thing, they obsess about it or refuse to enjoy the success they do have.

Success means fulfillment

Success implies a sense of fulfillment: the fulfillment of desires, dreams and expectations, particularly around passions (deep interests that we hold often in regard to specific talents and knowledge that it is attached to it.) This fulfillment brings with it the emotional qualities of fun and wonder, and in particular the wonder that we have Real-ised our own powers of soul through exercising the Real Self's talents and strengths. Before you launch upon any project, you need to have a fully imagined picture of what fulfillment will look, feel and be like for you, and how your own talents will contribute to it.

Success is Self-Realised Power

The sense of Self-Realised power is essential so success. If we achieve something does not feel authentically ours, or does not feel deserved, then the sense of success is elusive. Participation is a significant aspect of success. Success brings with a feeling of gratitude for the self as well as those who have contributed to it. It brings happiness and pleasure. If we are not willing to feel these things, if we fear the power of success because of mass conscious distortions of what it is and what it implies, it will be hard to come by.

Success arises from the whole self

Success depends on four kinds of resource: mental, emotional, physical and esoteric. These resources begin from within the self. If any of these resources are lacking, external success will depend on consciously improving access to that resource internally first. That is why, in Siramarti , we put so much early emphasis on improving the strength, balance and alignment of your whole self “team:” your emotional, mental, physical and higher-self aspects, Success absolutely depends on each aspect contributing to and benefiting by, your projects.

Success is dependent on a decision to get intimate with the Self

Unfortunately, getting access to all of the inner sources of power is not that easy. Many people fear spiritual resources, or believe that they are not good enough mentally, or are ashamed of, or disconnected from, their emotions. Others ignore or belittle the importance and power of the physical resources of their creation, (which is why it is so difficult to persuade people of the importance of environment, and why so many abuse or take for granted the physical powers they have.) Almost everyone has an imbalance in their relationship to their own resources.

And strangely enough, because such lacks and imbalance exist, those resources that we do have in great abundance are downplayed. Just as you need to accept the need for the expansion of the self for true success, so you must also find ways to honour the great strengths and powers you already have. In short, success is not just a state of being; it is an energy for growth at every level.

In order to expand and also fully utilise a resource means that you must make a conscious choice to do so: you must get up close and personal with yourself wherever you need extra success.

Success is achieved with love

However, this closeness to self must be done with love: with gentleness, curiosity, kindness and openness. Why? Because where there is a sense of inner lack there is a great fear, maybe shame. If you treat yourself brutally, yelling and shouting at yourself: “Improve,” “Pull your socks UP!” “Stop being an idiot!” then you will close down what access to that resource you actually have because you have diminished the resonance of success energy. You will also diminish your confidence in your talents elsewhere. Therefore open up and strengthen all your inner resources little by little, with patience, compassion and acceptance.

Success with externals depends on the same rules as inner success

The same rules apply to working an en external creative project. You must know and want to know your “stuff” – the people, the information, the processes, the materials of that endeavour. If you desire to work with others you must become as intimate with their strengths and limitations as you are with yourself. It is not sufficient to have a sense of goodwill towards them. It is not enough to have mental knowledge. Instead you will need experience them, to find ways to respect them, to treat them with love and gentleness. You will need tolerance for their processes but without violating your own.

If you are one of those people who know they create success in one or two external aspects of life, then you can expand your inner capacity for other kinds of success by observing how you create that success – your beliefs, attitudes, choices, actions and dreamings - and then apply those principles to dissolving your inner limitations.