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Frequently Asked Questions




Q. What is Siramarti  actually?  How does it work?

A. The most simple explanation is that it is a set of personal development techniques that change the default mechanisms in the brain so that a person can respond to their daily life challenges from spiritual or soul wisdom instead of fear, ego or illusion.

The result is much more rewarding than these words suggest because once that is established, the same capacities can be applied to your special interests, work or community projects. In particular, you can channel  direct answers from your spiritual helpers to ensure yourprojects have the impact you wish. More complete explanations of Siramarti and soul channelling are posted in the Free Articles.


Q. How can I become a member of Soul Creativity?

A. Members are invited to the site ...

Once they have completed the basic Siramarti training at www.reachpotential.com.au or through one-on-one work or courses with us.

Have a particular project or creative interest to which they have a long term commitment. Projects are not confined to areas that are commonly considered "creative" meaning that they have an artistic or literary aspect. Business projects, parenting, social ventures, scientific endeavours, teaching and facilitating may also fall into the category of soul creativity.

Q. I've done a lot of personal growth work. Do you allow dispensations for other work done?

A. We find that those who have done PD work intensively apply the Siramarti training very quickly. However, Siramarti involves balancing the way your brain responds to creative challenges. There are currently no other modalities that do that. Imbalance is the chief cause of failure around creativity, so, sorry, no we don't invite people to Soul Creativity who have not done the basics.

Q. Is attendance at your workshops confined to Members only?

A. Definitely not. Most of the specialist workshops are designed for people who have no background in Siramarti work.

Q. Where to I find information on your educational material?

A. On our Reach Potential site, reachpotential.com.au,  or by contacting us.

Q. Does study of the basic course take a lot of time?

A. About an hour a week plus doing 5 minute daily techniques. Results will be felt within a month but full integration depends on the goals of an individual student.

Q. What is the cost of study?

A. Current fees for all services related to Siramarti training are published in the Visitors section of the Reach Potential site. A Store has been set up there for those who do not wish to become members but do want access to the most basic techniques.



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