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About the Siramarti Personal Growth Process

If you wish to learn how to live in peace and personal power in the turbulent changes of the twenty first century, then exploring the SIRAMARTI PERSONAL GROWTH PROCESS℠ is for you.

SIRAMARTI is a truly new approach to personal transformation education in which you can learn how to consciously change those responses to life that are not for your highest good – such as anxiety, worry, burn out, lack of confidence, self-judgment or poor self-esteem. It replaces them with the ability to stay calm, centred and self-caring by the use of simple, easy techniques that change the way your brain responds to problems.

It may be studied independently, through online or face to face coaching or in groups of participants with similar interests. (Customised e-books that cover the basic techniques can be made available for groups using our facilitators.)

It is a proven process (we have been using these techniques with hundreds of clients since 2000)  particularly relevant to a world where chaotic change is placing unheard-of pressures those coping mechanisms that are no longer supportive.

Our major book, The Good Work Book: How to enjoy your job & make it spiritually fulfilling is one of the most accessible ways to learn of how the techniques can be used in real life situtaions.

It is now well established that if a person has a mindset that is negative, their experience of life will become negative in that regard: the worried person 'proves' their worries are valid at every turn, the anxious person looks for threat where none exists, and the cynic never finds a solution that is satisfactory.

This means that, no matter what such individuals do to improve their circumstances in logical and commonsense ways, no matter what others do to try to assist them, these actions appear always to fail or to disappoint. The negative mindset closes off opportunities at the first obstacle. There is little psychological resilience. Stress leads to unbalanced thinking in which you either overwork to solve problems or give up in despair.

The basic Siramarti techniques are effective because they change the mindset of those who are genuinely willing to change their negativities thorugh reprogramming the neural pathways that fire the negativities that worry them.

At this level, Siramarti has something to offer everyone.

However, should you wish to move beyond the basic level of the Process, you also discover how to identify and strengthen your core powers: those aspects of the self that, when you invest in them, are the path to success and fulfilment of your whole-of-self potential.

At this level, the Process may be considered a spiritual process in that the individual utilises the material to create a reality that reflects the higher qualities of compassion, harmony, freedom, peace, competence, inspiration and joy in life. It is a self-inspired process for those who want better relationships or who wish to make a difference through their contribution to family, work or community. It appeals to creative and independent-minded individuals

The SIRAMARTI PROCESS works because it opens the creative abilities of both hemisperes of the whole brain, bringing more creativity, effectiveness and clarity to situations in ways that are surprisingly easy and rewarding.

Regular use of Siramarti’s consciousness-changing techniques works as a complement to all other personal growth modalities. It is non-religious but supports any person's own spirituality. The Process can be applied to any subject or situation, and can be used by professional healers, health workers, and energy-based modalities to enhance their own work.

Areas of effectiveness

    It is commonly used for

    Increasing self-confidence
    Developing greater prosperity
    Reducing daily work stress and anxiety
    Improved communication skills
    Moving into new life directions
    Strengthening talents
    Developing the capacity to obtain intuitive insights at will.


    Workshops advertised from this site
    Customised workshops for groups with particular interests
    Private online or Skype mentoring with trained facilitators
    Purchasing of key basic techniques through our Store


FAQ: Who does this process suit?

THE SIRAMARTI PERSONAL GROWTH PROCESS℠ is suited to any  of the following types of people:

Anyone who has a fundamentally healthy nervous system. (This educational process is not suited to people with chronic neurological or psychiatric problems. It is NOT a therapy, although it can be used to support and strengthen any healing modality you may wish to use.)

  • Anyone who wants to respond to life's challenges from a solid foundation of inner peace
  • Anyone at any stage in life who is maturely committed to improving any aspect of their daily life through practice of inner techniques for five - ten minutes a day.
  • Anyone who wishes to embody their spiritual wisdom in every day actions and situations for greater success.
  • Anyone who actively wishes to "make a difference" to their personal and broader world by using these techniques to assist the progress of their chosen field.  


* Check Norman Doidge's, The brain that changes itself, for an overview of the research into brain change methods, or Joe Dispenza's, Evolve your brain, for information on the science behind this paradigm.